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100% Natural Dog Chews from Discarded Antlers

We produce dog chews in many sizes, suitable for different dog breeds. Also depending on the dog breed, the strength of its jaws and its readiness to play with chews, we offer dog chews in “easy” and “hard” versions.
For those dogs with a weaker bite, “easy” chews are better as they have cuts to make it easier to get the best treat inside the antler. For stronger dogs, “hard” chews are perfect as they must be chewed for longer to reach the tasty centre.

Benefits of natural antler chews

Natural dog chews support:
blood circulation and metabolism
tooth cleaning
immune system
cholesterol reduction
bones, muscles and joints

Red Deer Example Nutrition:
Protein 36%
Calcium 20%
Phosphorous 10%
Collagen 3.0%
Sodium 0.5%
Fiber 1.0%
Fat 0.1%

“hard” dog chews from discarded antlers
“hard” dog chews from discarded antlers
“easy” dog chews from discarded antlers
“easy” dog chews from discarded antlers

See how we produce antler chews and toys!


It’s no secret that dogs love playing tug of war, and the perfect toy for that is the classic rope toy. But dogs also love chewing on all-natural antlers, so we combined the two to make one toy that all dogs will be sure to love! It combines the benefits of both toys into one convenient item. This rope and antler toy is perfect for keeping your dog entertained and can be used either as a chew toy or as something safe to play dog of war with your pup.

Benefits of rope toys with antlers

Safe chewing! This rope is hand made from 100% cotton; meaning it’s entirely safe for dogs to chew on!
Healthy! The fibers in the rope can also floss your dog’s teeth naturally as they play with the toy.
Durable! The tightly woven fabric and knots are sure to last just as long as the antler itself.
Variety! Not only wide variety of antlers, but now we’ve combined that with a different rope toy styles.


Our Root chews are another great 100% natural option for owners with aggressive, heavy chewers. This toy is made 100% in Italy from the air-dried roots of Heath trees obtained from the collection, boiling and processing of an arboreal essence, cultivated with eco-sustainable methods. That makes them a perfect chew for dogs that have a history of chewing on furniture or sticks.

Unlike actual wood, though, these chews will not splinter and will not break up into sharp pieces that can hurt your dog. The dense and hard nature of the root will also ensure that even the most aggressive of chewers will not be able to make quick work of this chew. Roots are also very healthy as they contain loads of different minerals, which helps keep dogs’ teeth healthy.

Benefits of natural root chews

All-Natural! Our root chews are made from simply cutting and drying roots, with no added chemicals or preservatives!
Healthy! This chew can help clean your dog’s teeth naturally, helping to fight plaque and tartar buildup.
Durable! The density and hardness of the root chew ensures that this toy will last a long time.
Safe! The root chew will not splinter into sharp pieces that can injure dogs’ mouths.

Dog weightSizeRoot weight
up to 5 kgXS50 – 150 grams
5 – 10 kgS150 – 350 grams
10 – 20 kgM350 – 500 grams
20 – 40 kgL500 – 750 grams
over 40 kgXL750 – 1000 grams


We are constantly expanding our range of premium pet food products. In the near future you will also find in our offer:

bully sticks – chews made of dried beef penises
churrpi / yak cheese – hard chews made of natural Himalayan cheese
cookies / treats – chicken-free, grain-free, gluten-free, gmo-free