We produce dog chews in three sizes, suitable for different types of dog: S, M or L. Also depending on the dog breed, the strength of its jaws and its readiness to play with chews, we offer dog chews in “easy” and “hard” versions.
For those dogs with a weaker bite, “easy” chews are better as they have cuts to make it easier to get the best treat inside the antler. For stronger dogs, “hard” chews are perfect as they must be chewed for longer to reach the tasty centre.

Natural dog chews support:

  • blood circulation and metabolism
  • tooth cleaning
  • immune system
  • cholesterol reduction
  • bones, muscles and joints

  • Composition of dog chews:

    FATS 0,1% COLLAGEN 3%
    CALCIUM 21g/100g PHOSPHORUS 10g/100g
    MAGNESIUM 26mg/100g IRON 998ppm
    SODIUM 0,4% POTASSIUM 0,02%

    “hard” dog chews from discarded antlers

    “easy” dog chews from discarded antlers